Welcome for you as visitor to our B2B platform … We are honored to have you join us, whether you represent your organization (as a supplier company or a buyer company) or you represent yourself as an expert consultant in your field, software developer or a professional trainer … Our platform is specialized in all business activities, trade and services for Egyptian and Arab companies in MENA region … Basic membership registration is the first step in getting to know you and start benefiting from our services … The annual fee for basic membership registration is now: 50 USD (for the supplier company), 25 USD (for the buyer company), 25 USD (for the person: consultant, developer or trainer) … Under this membership you get:

Supplier: a special marketplace page, And data windows (Posts) for each product / service that appears in the search lists, And a page that tracks your activity (Dashboard) in which events are recorded in real time
Buyer: Your activity tracking page (Dashboard) that records events in real time, support and advisory services throughout the stages of the purchase journey
Professional people: an informative profile, recording events and interactions, interactive data windows in the areas of specialization that appear when searching for you

Orientation: Kindly use the following registration form, and after it reaches us, we will email you (registered in the form), and attach the invoice with the value of the membership fee in order for you to pay it through your credit card (from a service ) whether you have an account with them or without.