IMI Consultant is the first online marketplace platform in the MENA region. Specialized in: Business outsource services; and in: ICT applications & solutions. We are a trusted resource for buyers with integrated services (research, consulting, evaluation, transactions, interactions, etc…). We help all buyers to choose the right product or service with the right price and support.

e-commerce Platform

We have on the Internet an e-marketplace platform that enables us to host and manage a special e-marketplace for any supplier (from the Middle East and North Africa) working in the fields of business services or in the fields of information and communication technology applications and solutions … The total of these sub-markets are grouped under an integrated database. The buyer enables (under any topic of those fields) to search, filter, compare, negotiate online, contract and buy online … All of these are under the support and guarantees of the platform’s management.

Lead Generations

Since our company (IMI Consultant) has a platform that hosts e- marketplaces for suppliers, and since these e-marketplaces are grouped under a database for search, filtering, evaluation, negotiation, and online purchase … Then the suppliers (in addition to their clients’ use of the distinctive platform services) are waiting from the platform’s management to do everything it can from tools to attract many customers to this platform so that new customers increases visit to the platform … And our company is doing this by using all capabilities: direct meetings of customer sites and businessmen gatherings, attending events and events, and marketing via e-mail, and via social media and blogs, And through search engines, dedicated community portals, telemarketing, advertising, and more.

Market research

Our company (IMI Consultant) manages our platform that (suppliers and buyers) deal with as a permanent e-marketplace. And we follow up, monitor and analyze everything that is done on this actual market, and we periodically issue reports on the actual practices of buyers regarding the products and services offered, and on the evaluation of user reviews, and on the top Suppliers with their competitive positions, and about their interactions with consulting service providers, and about their posts on the blog with opinions and exchange of experiences … We thus provide all members on the platform with realistic studies of the Arab market, so that they can benefit from them in developing their strategies for the future.

Technical & Consultancy Services

Our company (IMI Consultant) has a web-based platform (B2B) for suppliers in business services and in applications and solutions of information and communication technology … Our buyer members (when they decide to purchase applications or technological solutions) need specialized consulting … The platform provides experts registered as consultants on all topics of the suppliers’ work areas, they provide their professional services online for a simple and announced fee … These experts are carefully selected and we announce in the profile of each of them an objective evaluation of their experiences, practices and contributions on the platform and the blog.

Workforce Development

Our company (IMI Consultant) owns a business platform (B2B) that suppliers and buyers deal with in various administrative and technical issues, all of which are aimed at (owning applications, solutions and services) to improve the professional performance of the buyer’s facility … Platform’s management, which has a long history in developing establishments business, published free support materials for how the buyer deals with the seller professionally, and free training initiations for qualifying facility cadres have been developed (whether for the executive level or higher departments) … The platform’s blog was also designed to allow the publication of specialized articles and the creation of forums for exchanging experiences … All this contributes to Raising the awareness of the buyer’s establishment personnel in order to make correct decisions that suit their circumstances and needs.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our company (IMI Consultant) has a web-based platform (B2B) for suppliers in business outsourcing services and in applications and solutions of information and communication technology … The buyer member that is looking for cooperation with outsources in many business fields, such as: financial and administrative business services, HR management and services, Providers of supply chain services, transport and logistics, and many others, will find them on the platform … And you can search for them and choose the best of them after evaluation and comparisons, and you can negotiate, contract and buy online for those services …This is in addition to providing Expert consultants on all of these topics provide you with online advice and consulting for a small fee.