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Is your website suitable for your customers' requirements?

You want your customers (or researchers on the Internet) to visit your company’s website, or your pages on social media, etc… The question is, are your sources suitable for them? … the answer, probably no … why? , because they provide a general image (and are often advertising and promotional about the company, its experiences and events, and do not give enough space to display products or services in a professional and commercial manner) … The potential customer is looking for direct information that revolves in his mind about the product or service and the direct benefits of purchasing it ; Because the behaviors of buyers now have changed in the age of information speed and business intelligence, and they lose their patience and focus if they do not reach the goal in their mind in a few seconds … Therefore, you are required to reconsider the content and how of your sources to attract potential customers

What are the elements required in my promotional resources to suit the visitor's requirements?

If you ask this question to marketing specialists, you will find multiple answers related to: search engines, branding, online store, digitization, digital display systems for products and services, user interface, mobile applications, and others …

And you may be impressed by the benefits they offer you those systems, but the important question: Can you estimate when and how you will get a positive return on those investments? … And the most important question: Is the decision to develop my promotional resources with these systems the best solution? … So, I will explain to you about this in the next paragraph

Will the decision to invest in systems to develop my promotional resources not be optimal?

This decision is optimal for the market leaders segment (they represent 5% of the market size) because they have a well-known commercial reputation, have advanced budgets and marketing plans, and also trained and sufficient cadres to implement digital transactions with smart database systems on their website
But the medium, small and emerging companies (they represent 95% of the market size), and they do not have the capabilities that we mentioned earlier, this decision will not be optimal and it is a great risk to their companies

But what is the best decision for companies that are not leaders in the market?

Before I directly answer this question, I would like to mention some facts:
(1) The real market driver is not the supplier leader, but the consumer’s aspirations and awareness.
(2) The decision-maker in the buyer’s company, now in the era of information development, is no longer attracted to the means of advertising and promotion offered by the supplier, but he asks for evidence that this resource is the most suitable for his requirements and that his product is the best to solve his problems and add value to his business system
(3) Professional buyers have directed their way towards specialized B2B platforms that allow them to quickly search for information and also find advanced systems for evaluation, comparisons, negotiation, transactions and online purchasing.
And now the answer to the question (the title of this paragraph), is for the supplier to search for a B2B platform suitable for his field of work, invest in it (and focus on making his traditional promotional sources an easy and quick acquaintance and communication tool), through which the “customer or visitor” enters the marketplace site it has on this platform, and deals with it with all advanced and safe systems

I have heard from you the expression “enterprise business community”, can you explain this concept to me?

Every establishment (whatever the size of its business, legal status or type of activity) has its business community, which consists of:
(1) A group of establishments they deal with as suppliers of products or services
(2) A group of establishments they deal with as buyers of its products or services
(3) A group of professionals that they deal with as external service providers, whether they are (consultants, developers, or trainers) or internal service providers, whether they are (its work team or its senior management members)
♣ The facility deals with every element of this business community (according to an agreed upon system of communication and transactions)
♣ So, the facility deals with many systems in tens or hundreds according to the number of elements of its business community
♣ The facility will take a great step to develop its performance, if it develops a collective one system with which all the elements of its business community deal with it, and this development will be more feasible if it uses digitization tools in all administrative, professional and financial transactions
♣ We think that the facility and all the elements of its business community, will save a lot of time, effort and costs that accrue to all of them with tangible added values, and thus the facility has practically applied the concept of the participatory economy to which the whole developed business world is now heading

Is it better for my company to create a marketplace for its business community on its website or invest in a specialized B2B platform?

If you decide to create a marketplace on your company’s website, and that it be an integrated work system that deals with all the elements of your business community, this is a good decision with the intention of development, as if you are creating as B2B platform dedicated only to your business community.
As for your question, is this better for your company or investing in a specialized B2B platform? … I would like to explain to you the following:
(1) Concerning the cost and the burden of administration: the private marketplace on your website, you alone will bear all the cost of creating, managing, securing and developing it, and certainly it is a great cost and greater administrative responsibility … But if this is done on a specialized B2B platform, then each of you and any of the elements of your business community will pay a simple annual or monthly fee and receive always advanced and safe services.
(2) Concerning the interest of your company as a supplier: your presence in a private marketplace, that is closed to you with your customers and partners only, this is not a sound decision, you need to be within an open online business platform, in which you see competitors and they also see you, and each to improve his competitive position, and this is a motive Continuously improving your company’s performance.
(3) Concerning the interests of the buyer’s company: it is in his interest to have a wide and diversified offer for all competitors, and through search, filtering, evaluation and analytical comparisons systems, he can get the most suitable opportunities to buy … and on this he will not be satisfied with a dedicated and closed market, but he will seek markets open and inclusive.

What distinguishes your platform from the platforms that compete with you locally or internationally?

(1) The platform is comprehensive, that is, it includes all areas of productive, commercial, service and general business, whatever your facility you will find with us that interests you.
(2) Classification of products and services topics, available within qualitative and professional groups, through which you can reach the subject of research easily.
(3) All suppliers are collected by a smart database, the buyer starts his journey:
• From choosing the subject of the product or service from the search categories,
• It finds the search results page that contains tools (filtering, ranking, setting a short list, requesting analytic comparisons),
• Then a phase (studying and evaluating suppliers with a specialized consultant),
• Then the stage of the purchase decision (through negotiation, requesting the final quotation and contracting),
• Then carry out the purchase (through our electronic stores with the standards and guarantees of the platform).
(4) Our consultants accompany the buyer throughout the purchase stages with guidance, studies and support until making the most appropriate and safe purchase decision.
(5) We provide any facility with a system for creating a private market for its business community, and an automated transaction tracking page, so that they deal with each other efficiently and quickly.
(6) We provide supplier evaluation systems according to 30 standard criteria to which everyone is subject with complete transparency, and the ranking in the search results for competitive centers is updated automatically.
(7) We allow companies to submit requests for quotations, requests for proposals and tenders for the supply of products or services for suppliers to identify and deal with.
 Analytical comparison between our platform and others in the developed world … 4:00 minutes

There is a perception in our Arab region, that the gap between us and the developed world is large in the level of services of our platforms for commercial transactions between business establishments, but our company has established a distinct business platform, and in order to provide you with evidence, we carried out an analytical comparison between our platform and a group of the most famous platforms in the field of management services and technology, and this The video explains to you the summary of the results of this study, in order to show you the level of our competitive advantage at the global level.

 Comparison between reality before and after subscribing to our platform … 4:55 minutes

This video explains to you in 4:55 minutes a comparison between reality before and after subscribing to our platform … We will review this comparison for three of our clients (each in an independent part): the supplier company, the buyer company, and the expert person who provides the professional service … This comparison It will explain to you, what each of them expects in his business, and how he finds this available on the platform … In the end, this will represent a general and brief review of the benefits that our members and our partners will receive on the platformز

 Consultants who support the buyer throughout the buying journey … 5:33 minutes

Our clients often say that we mention our excellence in providing expert consultants who support the buyer throughout the buying journey, and they ask what is his detailed mission? … This video explains these tasks in detail, and we also like to add here that we choose the best consultants and register them on our platform, in all topics of suppliers’ products and services, and any member (a supplier company or a buyer company) can search for them according to the subject of the product or service, and find Gather them on this topic (and each of them has a window with brief data about them), through which he can learn about (their evaluation rank and their announced service fees, and he can also click to visit his full profile), and in the window for each of them there are click buttons to request communication with them and request their services.

 Fifth part of the buyer’s journey … 10.29 minutes

In this video, we explain to the buyer how to implement the purchase of the sale offer allocated to him online and published in the electronic store, and we explain to him how to register his membership before buying if he is not a member on the platform, then he starts opening his account page on the store and adjusts any data in it, then goes to the sale offer page and adds The offer is in the shopping cart, then completes the purchasing procedures as explained in the video in detail, and you receive the invoice by e-mail and transfer its value to our bank account. And we explain to you the role of the market manager in following up the purchase order and communicating with both the buyer and the supplier until the end of the transaction stage under the supervision and guarantees of the platform management.