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Benefits of the virtual exhibition for exhibitors and visitors

No limits

The time is available 24/7, Exhibits cover all areas, and Data & Information are comprehensive in quality and quantity

Quick purchase

By only few clicks on smart database, Visitor search, filter, select, compare, practice commercially, and buy online

Safe Purchase

By real evaluations on the history and references of suppliers with our guarantees, Visitor makes a risk-free decision

Market study

We monitor and record all types of transactions and the competitive positions for exhibitors to rely on in planning their business

Prof. services

Professional platform services provide online, in addition to the interactions on the blog and the electronic library

Steps for the buyer’s access to the right supplier

Services and benefits obtained by the supplier or service provider

From 300+ categories, choose with no limits the topics that fit your products and services

Data window includes all features of the Pr./Se. with evaluations appears in the search results

Rich Info. profile for each product or service is available with the latest display technology

Profile content is subjected to 30 criteria, generate the score for competitive position

e-shop page, created especially for you, customers access it by link on your website

Dashboard page, created for your account, to follow up all data, tasks and deals whenever

free membership for your former clients, to record their evaluated reviews & succ. stories

Free membership for your team to offer online services and recommendations

Basic and customized sales offers for each product or service for e-deal on your e-shop

Possibility, company logo appearing among those distinguished when obtaining score over 90

Dialogue with the supplier to reach excellence

Is your website suitable for your customers' requirements?

You invite your customers to visit your website, which often provides a general view (that often is advertising and promotional view of the company, its experiences and products). It does not allow enough space for each product or service for a specialized professional and commercial presentation. And the visitor spends a lot of time browsing its parts until he reaches the information content what he is looking for. Since the behavior of buyers now has changed in the age of speed of information, they lose their patience and focus if they do not reach the goal in their mind in a few seconds; so your website needs a radical modification.

What are the elements that are required to be available on your website in order to suit the requirements of the visitor?

Each product or service shall contain professional presentation tools and sufficient commercial and functional information, and shall allow electronic commerce and online payment tools.

Wait, you must ask: Will the return of the modifications after implementation be positive?

The modifications will require time, effort and cost; but will it attract visitors to your website and urge them to carry out transactions with you through which you will recover the return on this investment? … We do not advise you to invest in this direction, because professional buyers have turned their direction towards the B2B platforms on which many suppliers are registered. It provides the user with rich and professional presentation services as well as comparison and evaluation tools between alternatives.

What are the appropriate platforms for me to participate in?

Buyers have a good awareness of their requirements. They are seeking specialized B2B platforms that allow them to quickly search for information. They also find advanced systems for evaluation, comparisons, negotiation, transactions, and online purchasing… We advise you to register your company’s products and services on platforms whose work topics suit your fields, And you can find it easily when you search for them on the Internet … We carried out a comparative study between us and the famous among them, you can learn about it by clicking here: Comparative Study

Why did buyers turn towards platforms specialized in displaying and evaluating the best suppliers?

The decision maker in companies, now in the era of information development, is no longer attracted to the means of advertising and promotion, but he asks for proofs that this resource is the most suitable for his requirements, so he does not care much about what the supplier mentions about himself on his website, but is more interested in evaluations what platforms publish about him regarding user reviews, his competitive position among others, analytical comparisons between competitors, and more.

How do I subscribe to your platform and what benefits will I get?

We are confident that we are the most suitable platform for you in the Arab region without any competitor. We implement the latest business relationship development systems by organizing the Supplier Evaluation Contest, which is a permanent marathon to develop their competitive positions. You can click here to download a copy of the offer to subscribe, which shows you what you asked about.

You depend on the content of the supplier's profile in evaluating its competitive position. Can I see a sample of this profile?

We are pleased to fulfill this request. Our company registered itself in this contest. You can view our e-marketplace page: click here … You can view the profile of the service (e-commerce platform): click here … And you can consider us as a living example of what your company will be like when you participate with us.

If you have the time and desire to know in detail all the content and services of the platform, we provide you with the following guide:

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